Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Drawing for Heartstrings-Tinderbox Collaboration

'Wandering Eye' by Fat Freddies Drop
Fat Freddies Drop are a 7 piece live Dub/Reggae band from New Zealand. When I moved to Melbourne they were my first concert & this song stood out from everything they played that night. I always think of that when I hear this song

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Serious-Damien Dempsey - Drawing for another Tinderbox Collaboration

This is my entry for the Tinderbox Heartstrings Collective (Song Drawings)
The Brief was: Make a drawing in homage/response/dialogue/reply to a line that really does it for you in a song that you love.
Song I chose: Serious - Damien Dempsey Line I chose: Is he sound over there? He's about to disappear into thin fuckin air
This line is describing a junkie lying in the corner of a room - cheery!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tinderbox Picture Show Zine

I designed this magazine showcasing the work of the members of Tinderbox. It was in conjunction with the Tinderbox Pictureshow Exhibition in Filmbase (running from the 29th March - 6th April @ Filmbase in Temple bar) and sold on the night. Click here for exhibition info

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hogan's Exhibition

I organised this exhibition in Hogan's. It was a Tinderbox Exhibition in association with Power FM and Eardrumbuzz's weekly night in Hogan's on Georges Street called M.A.S.S. (Music, Arts, Sights, Sounds) Hopefully it will be turning into a regular event...
Art will be in Hogan's from 14th Feb - 28th February
M.A.S.S. nights ; Sunday 14th Feb, Sunday 21st February.

More photos on flickr; click on this link

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pink Orchids

A painting I made for my friend as a wedding present. It was a photograph she had taken when we were in Singapore that she loved so i made it into a painting for her new place. Took hours...great crack though

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Typography Grid

this took hours upon has kept me really entertained during the snow. Its A1, am thinking about this for the next tinderbox exhibition....hmm

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Commissions

"Poppycock" - another modified print I designed last year - fonts and colours changed

Christmas Commissions

I was asked to customize a print I had done about two years ago for a Christmas present. I revamped the print and included the names of all family members in the falling leaves of the tree. "Glimmer - for the Holdens"

Monday, November 23, 2009

This is the result of a writer/artist collaboration for Tinderbox Network's second magazine entitled 'In These Shoes'. I illustrated a piece written by Evelyn Walsh (Text below)

"She sat for a while, looking and listening. It was thirty years since she had been to the city and it had changed, changed utterly. So many people, busy confident good looking people. She manoeuvred her wheelchair deeper into the bustling shopping centre and stopped at the window of the shoe shop, a single shoe on display, suspended in a way that made it look as if it was floating. It was shiny patent, deepest crimson red with a bowed front and a delicate spiked heel. They were beautiful. In these shoes she thought she might once again dance the tarantella. She watched her reflection in the plate glass window, an elderly overweight solitary figure fumbling beneath the chair for her purse. Her gnarled arthritic knuckles found the once shiny advertisement torn from a magazine, she opened it and laughed aloud. Yes! It was the coveted Jimmy Choos. Her heart pounded harder than it should. She briefly wondered was she having a heart attack. No matter. If she were to die they could bury her with the shoes on.

And we did."

Friday, November 13, 2009

Entry for Dublin Flea Market Competition

My entry for Dublin Flea Markets competition to design their logo and homepage

Entry for Some Blind Alleys Competition

My entry (banner) for SBA's competiton to design their Banner, facebook icon and website buttons

Sunday, November 8, 2009

J-Party Event

Tinderbox Exhibition Photographs

Storytelling is a Tinderbox Network group exhibition that explores the themes of narrative and ubiquitous human curiosity through urban legend, fairytale, folklore and more. Exhibiting tinderbox artists, illustrators and photographers are: Elida Maiques, Eoghan Carroll, Frances Tyrrell, Emma Rowe, Damien Martin, Noirin Collins, Michael Cawley, Lee Pitman, Michelle Cunningham, Jacqueline O’Neill, Se├ín McGarr, Gareth Foley and Claire Gallagher.
At thisisnotashop, Benburb Street, Dublin : 21-25th October 2009

Photographs of the exhibition can be seen here

Pieces from the Tinderbox Exhibition

My three pieces all surround the 1985 childrens film 'Return to Oz'. Its a dark sequel to The Wizard of Oz based on two books by L Frank Baum, 'Ozma of Oz' and 'The Marvelous Land of Oz'. It is set in the future where dorothy goes back to Oz. It has been destroyed and taken over & she has to save the people and their city. I love this film! It really reminds me of my childhood and its kind of scary but magical. I love designing with typography. Most of my work is typographical and when thinking of storytelling i thought of words & it would suit to use type as my medium.
Key to Oz; The key to oz is what dorothy finds on her farm and this summons her back to oz at the beginning of the story.
Emerald City; Is my version of the emerald city, a future version, a third version.
12; is the amount of times the wheelers (very scary humanoid dudes with wheels and wires hanging out of them) appear in the main chase scene with them and dorothy.

Linden Exhibition in Melbourne

I was part of a group exhibition in Melbourne as part of the St Kilda Festival in February 2009. The brief was open, the only considerations were size (no more then 30 cm x 30 cm)
It was a great opportunity to show my work in a well-known exhibition in a major contemporary art space in Melbourne.

Some chosen work from Exhibition 06..(Prints Part 2)

Some chosen work from Exhibition 06..(Prints Part 1)